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Database schema#

Variants data are stored into normalized tables as follow. The database shema is dynamically built according VCF input. That is, columns from variants, annotations and sample_has_variant tables are created on the fly.

database schema

Fields table#

Contains a description of all fields available in cutevariant database. Each field has a:

  • Name : a short name - (gene)
  • table: variants, annotations or samples - (annotations)
  • type: int, float, str, bool e.g - (str)
  • description: Readed from VCF header - (the gene name)

variants table#

Contains information about the variant. It corresponds to one line from the VCF file. chr, pos, ref, alt are mandatory. All fields from VCF info field will be stored here.


cutevariant decomposes multiallelic variant like vt decompose. One line with a multiallelic variant like A>C,T will have 2 records in the variants table A>C and A>T.

annotations table#

Contains information about a transcript. One variant may have multiple transcript information. It corresponds to the ANN, EFF or CSQ fields generated by SnpEff and VEP. For instance, transcript name, gene name and consequence are stored here. We implementes this feature using the VCF annotation standard

samples table#

Samples are stored here with their pedigree relation comming from a ped file. This table is in a many-to-many relation with the variant table trough the sample_has_variant table. The sample_has_variant table give the genotype for one variant and one sample. Extra fields from VCF file FORMAT section are stored here.

selections table#

Selection are subset of variant. It is connected to the variant table through the selection_has_variant table which contains id of selected variants.

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