A standalone and free application to explore genetics variations from VCF files


wysiwyg Desktop Application

Cutevariant is a cross-platform desktop application used to explore genomic variants from VCF files. It works on any computer running Windows, Mac or Linux. There is no need to send files to a third party. All your data stays with you in a local sqlite database.

code Create your database

Cutevariant works by importing one or more VCF file into a sqlite database. Currently, we support Snpeff and VEP annotations. You can create a new project and incrementally import VCF files. You can then make a database of all your variants and use it to query them later.

code VQL Language

Variant selection and filtering are managed by a domain specific language that looks like a subset of SQL. It allows you to create all kinds of queries in an efficient way. If you are worried about having to code, we got you covered with a bunch of GUI controllers to help you build the query you need.

extension Plugins

Cutevariant is composed entirely of plugins. It means that it is easily customizable at will. You can create custom GUI controllers. All plugins are written in Python and powered by the Qt framework

people Community

Cutevariant is a new opensource project maintained by a team of bioinformatician enthusiasts. It is available on Github and every contribution is welcome. Anyone can create a new plugin and share it with the community. Since it is a new project, bug report and any feedback will be highly appreciated.


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