A standalone and free application to explore genetics variations from VCF file

wysiwyg Standalone

Doesn't require any server. Your data stays with you. Filtering is faster and you don't have the latency of a web application. Easy to install on any computer using Windows, Mac or Linux.

code VQL Language

Select and filters variants directly from a domain specific language that looks like a subset of SQL. It makes possible to create all kinds of query that you could not do with any other user interface. If you don't like query manually, you can always build them indirectly from plugins available from the mainwindow.

extension Plugins

Cutevariant is composed entirely of plugins. It means that it is easily customizable at will. You can create custom controllers, themes and support new file formats for importing or exporting.

people Community

Cutevariant is a new opensource project written in Python and Qt framework and available on github. Contribution are welcome. You can create new plugin and share them with the community. Since it is a new project, bug report and any feedback will be highly appreciated.